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The TEC, Inc. difference..... precision  l  innovation  l   reliability  

TEC Inc. is a technical leader in municipal and commercial process control. TEC's core technology is focused on window manufacturing systems, water & wastewater management systems, fuel delivery systems and energy conservation optimization. TEC Inc. personnel and strategic partners have successfully completed many large-scale projects including fueling controls at JFK, Dulles, Albuquerque, Austin and Fort Myers airports. TEC engineers designed and installed a portable refueling control system for the Air Force. The project has become an Air Force standard for remote refueling requirements.  TEC, Inc. has designed, programmed and commissioned municipal waste water control systems across the Midwest. Industrial clients which include OEM window manufacturers, water jet cutting, plastic bag production; recycling operations and other environmental monitoring systems have successfully implemented TEC process controls into upgraded and new installations. TEC has strong expertise in all major human machine interface (HMI) software including InTouch (Wonderware), RSView (Rockwell), Clear SCADA and Think and Do (Automation Direct).

​Application Engineering and Design
We work through a detailed front-end client specification download.
This collaborative approach results in high-productivity design and eliminates
downstream issues with performance parameters and functionality. We
customize each project to the client's need through sharing our knowledge
of process control, programming and implementation.

​Software Development and Interface
Customized programming is at the core of the TEC solution. We differentiate
based on a broad knowledge of state-of-the-art software options and integration
​of that capability with advanced componentry. Fluency in multilple PLC platforms
including Allen Bradley, GE, Modicon, Siemens, Unitronics and Horner in conjunction
with CAD capability (Solid Works) and certification in Clear SCADA and HMI software
insure our clients engineering solutions are leveraging the most current technology.

Hardware Fabrication and Assembly
Through direct, in-house management of the component and panel assembly we
are able toinsure high-quality product standards. TEC's on-going investment in
advanced instrumentation technology and quality measures have resulted in high
satisfaction and operating systems that exceed customer expectations.

Systems Implementation and Start-Up
On-site commissioning includes rigorous start-up protocol, system testing and
operations training to insure proper system functioning. All TEC work is supported
after start-up through follow-up communications.